Wool Pant Pull on Knitted Wrap Various Colours

Wool Pant Pull on Knitted Wrap Various Colours
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Product Code : WOL016
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Wool wraps are just so breathable and fantastic for using at night. At first you can't believe how they will work but they do! The wraps just need to be aired in between uses, washed every week or so and relanolinised (not complicated) every few washes. We also stock the lanolin and it is a very simple process.

This is  a lovely pull on wool wrap they are highly breathable. Made of double knitted merino wool. After a few washes the fabric will shrink to size and be waterproof with the use of lanolin. 

These are available in a range of colours and sizes ranging from 3-14kgs

S 3-6kg M 5-10kg L 9-15kg XL 14+ kg

From my experience they are good for use overnight but can cause dampness during the day with close fitting clothes.