Confused About Which Nappy to Choose?
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We have set up this page to try to make your introduction to real nappies as simple as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

We at Easy Peasy are a Mother and Daughter team. All nappies in the Easy Peasy Nappies range are hand made by ourselves here in Oxfordshire.
All of the nappies in the Easy Peasy range are a two part system, this means they need and waterproof outer to keep the nappies waterproof. Two part nappy systems are generally more reliable and suffer less leaks than you may experience from an All In One nappy system(AIO nappies have a waterporoof outer attached to them so are one piece). Most of our nappies are fleece lined so do not necessarily need an additional liner, this also keeps a soft fabric against babies bottom and keep babies bottom nice and dry.
Most of our nappies are pouched which means they have an opening in which extra boosters can be placed for additional absorbancy if necessary.
Most of our nappies have a flap out booster to speed up drying times, long drying times is often a draw back to some washable nappies.

You are being bombarded with information, birth to potty or sized, nippa or popper fastening, terry towelling or bamboo. We hope to have all the answers here so read on for a general overview.

There is one basic choice you have to make, do you go sized or do you go birth to potty?

Birth To Potty Nappies (BTP)
Theses are nappies that will generall fit your baby from birth through to potty training (with ocassional exceptions)

1) Generally one size fits all, so if you have 2 children in nappies you can use the same nappies on both children
2) They may be slightly more expensive to buy but you will not have to outlay for larger nappies as your baby grows.

1) Bulkier, they can be bulkier as they have to fit a tiny newborn baby as well as a toddler. Easy Peasy offsets this problem by having a removeable internal booster that is taken out for newborns reduing bulk, they also have a clever poppering feature which reduces the rise of the nappy for newborns.
2) More wear on nappies as they are used for a long period of time so they may not last for a second baby (although often do)

Sized Nappies
With sized nappies you will need to purchase bigger nappies as you baby grows. There are normally two or sometime three sizes.

1) Generally you get a perfect fit for all the stages of your babies growth, as they grow out of one size you purchase the next.
2) Can cost more as you have to buy a number of nappies for each size.

1) Can be more costly as you have to purchase nappies of different sizes.
2) Nappies will often last through to a second child as they are used for a shorter period of time.

Different Fastenings
Once you have made you decision on which type of nappy system you would like to go for you then just have to decide whether you would like popper or aplix fastening (nice and simple) or nippa fastening, these require either nappies pins or the modern alternative of a 'nappi nippa'. This is an ingenius little gadget that consists of stretchy y shape with a plastic claw at each corner, these claws hook in to the loops of the towelling to keep the nappies fastened and you get a perfect fit at every size.

Different Fabrics
You also have the choice of which fabric to choose. Terry towelling is the traditional fabric that nappies are made out of. It is also cheaper and fairly quick drying.
We also have bamboo available which has the advantage of being more absorbant although it does take longer to dry and is more expensive.

Economy Range To Help Your Pocket!!!
We know washable nappies can be expensive, that is why we have developed an economy range to help your pocket. With the 'eco' range the nappies are one layer towelling and one layer fleece and you add your own absorbancy in the middle, using boosters you already have old tea towels or towels or boosters you purchase. You are able to get the ease of fitted nappies without the cost. We have the 'eco bumble' an economy btp nappy and soon to be listed the 'eco bimble' a newborn economy option.