Two Layer Toweling BTP Bumble Style Nappy Tumble

Two Layer Toweling BTP Bumble Style Nappy Tumble
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** Due to Popular demand the Tumble is now available **
Due to popular demand I thought I would list this as people have increasingly been personally requesting my two layer toweling bumble option.
It is the same as the bumble with a pouch  and removable booster but instead of having a fleece lining it is toweling.
Due to having the additional absorbency of the extra towelling layer I have reduced the removable inner booster to 2 layers instead of 3.
The versatile removable inner booster can be removed to reduce bulk for use on newborns. Once the inner booster is removed the nappy can be folded 'inside itself' using inner poppers to reduce rise. 
Made in the traditional stitched and turned style making it look like a classic washable nappy.The removable flap out booster has he added advantage of reducing drying times.
The nappy can be fastened using a nappy pin or nappi nippa (to be purchased separately) or with poppers if that choice version is purchased.

Size approx 7lbs - 35lbs

Fabric Content 
Cotton Toweling - 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

As this nappy is kinder to the planet (not having it's 100% polyester lining) I am only offering it in the bumble style as this can be re-elasticated should this ever be needed when it gets old and the elastic goes, so they can go on indefinitely. I am unable to re-elastic the bimble style nappies so they are not quite as planet friendly.

** Designed and hand made in Oxfordshire **