Pink Star Maple Teether

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Beautiful wooden teething ring made from 100% untreated maple This ring has a cotton fabric tied to it backed with soft bamboo. This can be untied and removed for washing and then simply tied back on after. I couldn't resist this in this lovely soft pink fabric with white star design.  

For washing the tie can be removed and simply tied back on again.

Please note as below from Slobberscarves manufacturer ...

Slobberscarves are hand made and have not been subjected to external safety tests.
The poppers are securely attached but may loosen over time due to repeated use and washing. Please check them regularly.
Do not leave your child unattended while wearing a Slobberscarf and always remove the scarf before putting your child to bed.
You assume all responsibility for use of this product.
Slobberscarves can be machine washed at 30 and tumble dried low.