Huggalugs Icecream Cake

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A beautiful pair of Huggalug legwarmers in beautiful Pink Flower design Ice Cream Cake!! Perfect for the spring, very pretty.

Whats so special about Huggalugs? Here are the facts:

  • Make a great second layer under trousers or coats(for arms) to keep out the cold without having the bulk of clothes around their tummies.
  • Encourage children to pull Huggalugs on all by themselves, even over shoes. This will help them to have a little independence as they learn to dress themselves.
  • As the thigh cuff is wider than the ankle cuff to ensure a really comfortable fit.
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Huggalugs are made from: 80% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Fit ages approx 6months - 7 years