Easy Peasy Retro Size 2 Toweling Washable Nappy

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Product Code : RETT001
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Take a step back in time with me!

As a celebration for my Son the original 'Bumble Baby' turning 18yrs this year I am making the Easy Peasy Retro. It is a copy of my design of the early days bumble which was quite different to the one we know today. The retro is a completely toweling size 2 nappy which can be fastened with a nappi nippa. It is two layers of white fluffy toweling with a pouch, and has a 2 layer stitched on booster which flaps out for drying.

Fits Approx 20-35lbs (although may fit smaller with front folded down to reduce rise)

I have shown pictures of the old and new side by side :0) .. you will be purchasing one of the new ones.