Easy Peasy Bamboo Eco Bimble Newborn Nappy Single Velcro Fastening

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Product Code : ECON001
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**These work great with motherease extra small airflow wraps currently reduced **

The bamboo Eco Bimble is made from lovely soft bamboo fabric with easy velcro fastening. We have come up with the Eco Bimble to make it affordable to have small newborn nappies. We know newborn nappies can be a big outlay for a few months so this nappy makes it affordable, with a removable booster that can be used in future larger nappies makes it extra value for money.

The bamboo Eco Bimble is made from a layer of soft bamboo with a soft micro fleece lining. It has a pouch opening and comes with a separate two layer bamboo booster which you tuck inside the nappy to give the nappy absorbency.

It is gently elasticated around the back and legs so gives a nice fit. It fits up to approximately 15lbs.
The nappy needs a waterproof outer and can be fastened with a nappy nippa or nappy pin (neither supplied)

Fits approx 7lbs- 15lbs

** Hand Made and Designed in Oxfordshire **

Photo will be added soon, sorry I haven't got around to taking one yet.