CLR Training Pants Popolini

CLR Training Pants Popolini
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Product Code : TRN004
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Popolini training pants with a soft brushed cotton lining. Training pant has a built in inner absorbent core. The last picture shows the inside of the training pant. 
These will give confidence to the toddler at the toilet training stage when wetting is only accidental. 
Trainer pants will help teach the child the association of wetness where disposable trainers fail due to their 'lock away core' making the child unaware of wetness. 

For lightweight protection against accidents while your child is potty training. This easy to pull up garment has fully elasticated waist and leg openings. An inner absorbent layer is sewn to a waterproof polyester cover making a functional product which is easy to use for both you and your child. 

Available in white or a range of prints

Approx Size Weight Range
Small 20-26 lbs (9-12kg)
Large 28-33 lbs (12.5-15kg)
XLarge 34-40 lbs (15.5-18kg)

** Please note these do not have the absorbency of a nappy **