Clearance Eco Bumble CLR54

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** This eco bumble has slight mark on fleece, the toweling had a flaw on the arm so I have stitched another layer of toweling inside behind the flaw so that the nappy can still be used **

Eco bumbles on clearance. These eco bumbles have slight flaws in the toweling and slight marks on the fleece.

Details of eco bumble are below ...

The Eco Bumble is a great economy version the 'Bumble'. This nappy is here to make cloth nappying affordable for everyone with the added bonus of drying in a flash! The nappy is a btp nippa nappy. It is made of one layer Terry and one layer fleece with a pouch in which you put the absorbancy. So basically grab an Eco Bumble, chop up and old towel and away you go! No more pricey nappy systems or fancy poppering. You can use what you like for absorbency from posh fancy boosters to your nans old tea-towel whatever comes to hand!

To use BTP you simply fold down the front to suitable size.