Clearance Damaged Little Green Earthlets Ultra Paper Liners

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Product Code : CLRULTS001
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*** Clearance Damaged Stock *** These liners were damaged in transit and have small black marks on them. Some rolls have more marks than other. I don't believe they will have gone through many layers of the liners but cannot guarantee this.

Rolls will be picked at random.

Details of ultra liners are below ...

Thick, reusable paper nappy liners. These Ultra paper nappy liners from Little Green Earthlets are thicker than other liners. They have the advantage of doubling up as baby wipes for cleaning hands and faces as well as at nappy changing. They also seem to move around less than other paper liners while your little wriggler is wearing the nappy, meaning that they tend to catch more, leaving the nappy cleaner!

Non-chlorine bleached, biodegradable and compostable and can even be washed and reused if only wetted.

Flushable one sheet at a time only.

Size 35cm x 16.5cm.

Can be used with a septic tank.