Bumper Nappy Nippa/Popper/Aplix Fastening by Easy Peasy Nappies

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Product Code : BUMP005
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The Bumper, an extra large nappy (60*60cm before elastication). It has a fleece lining and pouch for extra boosting. Available nippa or popper fastening. It has a unique flap out booster stitched to the nappy at the pouch to aid quick drying. This booster is tucked inside fleece pocket when nappy is in use.
This is a roomy nappy for when size 2 nappies or BTP nappies start to be a bit of a squeeze.

Available Nippa or Popper fastening and also in Bamboo for extra absorbency.

Terry Nippa - £11
Terry Popper/Aplix £12.50
Bamboo Popper/Aplix £15

** Please be aware of size measurements when ordering this nappy, it is a large nappy and not recommended for babies below 30lb **