BTP Popper Bumble 20 Pack

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A pack of 20 popper fastening BTP bumble nappies.
The pack contains 

* 20 popper fastening bumble nappies
* 6 popolini nappy wraps in a mixture of aplix and popper fastening (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large)
* Complimentary pack 20 Fleece Wipes

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About the Bumble ...

The BTP Bumble nappy is our best selling most popular nappy. It has a versatile removeable inner booster which can be removed to reduce bulk for use on newborns. Once the inner booster is removed the nappy can be folded 'inside itself' using inner poppers to reduce rise.
Made in the traditional stitched and turned style making it look like a classic washable nappy.The removable flap out booster has he added advantage of reducing drying times.
Available in nipper or popper fastening (nippa to be purchased separately) also available in bamboo

Size approx 7lbs - 35lbs

** Designed and hand made in Oxfordshire **

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