BTP Nippa Bumble 20 Pack

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A great value pack containing lots of essentials to get you going with washable nappies

Pack contains
* 20 nippa fastening nippa fastening bumble nappies
* 6 popolini nappy wraps (2 small, 2 Medium, 2 Large varying fastenings)
* 3 Nappi Nippas (colours may differ from those pictured
* Complimentary  pack 20 Fleece wipes with advice sheet

This pack offers great savings on individual prices.

The bumble offers

* A great fit giving good containment
* Flap out booster to speed up drying time
* Removable booster to reduce bulk for newborn setting
* BTP sizing can be used on varying aged babies
* Fleece lining to keep babies bottom nice and dry and softness against skin
* Made in the UK