Birth to Potty Nappies

Birth to potty nappies are the ultimate in cost effective nappying. No messing around with outgrowing nappies and having to buy more, you buy a nappy that fits from newborn right through to potty training. These are also handy when you have two children in nappies at different ages because you can use the same nappies for both.

With Easy Peasy birth to potty nappies we have come up with an ingenius way to remove the bulk of the nappy when using for new born. Our nappies have a flap out booster which can be removed when using on a newborn, also the nappy can be poppered 'inside itself' to reduce the rise on the nappy for a newborn. As you baby grows you can open the nappy back out again and put the booster in.

We have the Bumble BTP and the Bimble BTP nappies. Both are available in nippa or popper fastening and a range of cost effective packs. The main difference between the bimble btp and the bumble btp nappies are that the bimble is stitched so it is slightly trimmer than the bumble. The Bumble is our best selling nappy and gives the traditional cloth bottomed look, whereas the bimble version is slightly flatter fitting on the tabs and around the legs. both have exactly the same absorbency.

All of the Easy Peasy nappies have a flap out booster to aid drying speed, and a pouch so that extra boosters can be added when more absorbency is needed. They all have fleece lining to keep the nappy nice, soft and dry against babies skin.

A two layer toweling version rather than fleece lined is now available due to popular demand. Please see below.

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