Bamboo Booster 2 layers pack of 10

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Product Code : BBO004
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Here we have lovely soft Bamboo boosters. These boosters are made up of 2 layers of the softest absorbent bamboo. They are great boosters for adding extra absorbency to most nappies.
We love bamboo because it is absorbent and stays lovely and soft even after many washes. Bamboo is also so fast growing that it is very easily sustainable making them the greener option.
This pack contains 10 boosters made from 2 layers of soft bamboo. Use them singly, double or triple to get the absorbency you require.

Dimensions approx 32cm * 13cm before washing

If bamboo is not for you please check out our full range of washable nappy booster we have one for every occasion! and also a mixed trial pack if you cant decide.

** Hand Made in Oxfordshire **

Fabric Content - 90% Bamboo 10% Polyamide
Tested to Oeko-Tex Standard 100

** Please note due to the natural nature of bamboo there will be an amount of shrinkage with initial washes of the bamboo **